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The Ultimate Guides on App Store Optimization

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More than 2 million mobile apps and counting – The App Store is one hell of a big market to sell your product. However, the main issue faced by mobile app publishers at present is getting their app discovered in the heap of apps. It is essential to understand the methods for hawking mobile apps if you are into its space.  The first thing you want is to getting discovered by your potential customers through search on App Store and surely this is the most organic way to get noticed as half of the apps are discovered this way. We will share the most important technique namely ASO – App Store Optimization that is being overlooked by many, but first, let’s understand the basics of App Store Optimization.

What is ASO?

The process to boost app ranking higher in the search result of App Store is known as App Store Optimization. The visibility of your app is directly proportional to the app’s ranking. The higher the app ranks, the greater is salience that in turn is translated into increased traffic to your app’s page.

Mechanics of ASO

Various components that create the technical backend on the metadata grounds play a significant role in your ASO such as:


The primary and most important factor of your app is the title. It is the first thing people will see about the app so it must be pertinent to the search they make. It must be descriptive and fit into 25 characters ideally. Include a keyword in your title as it improves search ranking to 10.3%.

The name of your app that ideally should fit within 25 characters must hold strong relevant keywords that should be heaviest in search traffic. Make proper research while selecting your keywords to avoid ellipses. Once decided, avoid altering the title as it can be detrimental. When your app ranks higher, it will gain more reviews so changing title at that time can stop the word to spread.


Apple provides 100 characters that define you keywords. Explore the keywords that are relevant and thoroughly used by the target audience –better to be in the top 5 results than in the top 100. Take a look at competitors and monitor them to realize comparison.

Take full advantage of your keywords as they play a vital role in search results. Spend some time and pack a punch with them. Some of the insider hacks are:

  • Use single words and avoid long tail phrases
  • Use comma for separating words instead in spaces
  • Avoid over-usage of same word; better come up with similar wordings.
  • Save characters by using single version of nouns
  • Avoid trademarks at all cost.

Number of Downloads

It is a highly significant number yet; you cannot control it.

Downloads can be increased by marketing your brand extensively. Improve and upgrade the app to receive more appeal, recognition and awareness. You can achieve a lot of viewership by the presence on social media and beautiful app images on app store description.


Rating and Reviews are incentives for the happy users to rate and review your app yet difficult to control.  User rate an app by giving one to five stars or in between. The high rating is directly proportional to number some ads, ranking and app store performance. Getting ratings are easy. Get a plugin and prompt visitors to rate when they are using an app.


Thoughtful, well-written and happy reviews help to increase conversions. For getting genuine reviews prompt your users with questions like “What is the best thing about this app?” so that you can get honest reviews. You can use plugins to prompt responses.

3 Surefire Guidelines for Higher Ranking

Let’s discuss some tips and tricks that can improve your app’s ASO.

Tools for Finding the Right Keywords

Keywords’ role is crucial in ASO. Fortunately, there is a huge list of AS optimization tools that can help you retrieve the right keywords for your app title. Platforms such as Sensor Tower, App Tweak, App Mind etc. can help you in this genre. These tools are really helpful in attaining competitor’s keywords, high-ranked and new ones in a reasonable price. Select and try out few of them to check which one suits you the best.

The Ultimate Checklist of a Good Keyword

Obtaining keywords from tools is not an issue, but the quality of it sure is! To check whether your chosen keyword is the dark horse in the long run, examine its worth on following scales.

  • Relevance:

Relevancy of the keyword with your app is a must! Or you can say how likely it will get your app downloaded, so be specific about it.

  • Competent:

A keyword that gives you a billion searches a month and still if it ranked #387 –it is surely not the one. No one will scroll through this far in the search results to find you. The Competent keywords always rank in the top 10, so go for those.

  • Searches:

Having the above factors checked, the final thing is to find the keyword which gets more number of searches.

Describe Your App Smartly

The metadata of your app comes in two folds –the title, and the description. To be honest, the users actually care about the “utility” of the app in their daily lives, therefore, the first couple of sentences must focus on the function, benefits and usefulness of the app –this is what actually triggers the people to download it.

End Note

Take note that ASO is not just a onetime task. You have to maintain a routine check as the App Store scenario is changing on a constant note. Therefore, to be in the top list, keep on testing keywords on monthly basis and analyze their after-effects to carry on with it.


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