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Top 8 Effective ASO Guides for Android Apps On Google Play Store

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A perfect listing on Google Play Store will improve keyword ranking, increase conversion rate and also drive organic downloads. Apart from optimizing your app on the Google Play Store, ASO would also help your app in ranking higher in the Google-based search results. Let us get app installs and take a quick look at what are the top effective ASO guides for Android apps on Google Play.


A URL is the first thing, which you must think about. This is because that it could not be modified once set. Just like Google web search, clever keywords included in the URL/domain of the Google Play Store will act as a strong ranking factor when it comes to app search.

Developer name

aso guides for android apps - developer nameAs similar to the URL, the developer name will also help your app in getting ranking in the search results. Apart from that, Google will favor apps from a developer bestowed with an optimistic history by ranking them higher in the searches. Try to add some keywords to the developer name.


When it comes to Google Play Store, the title of an application is another significant ASO factor you need to keep in mind. Above all, it affects the search results in addition to the conversion rate as well. Google lets developers include a maximum of 50 characters in the title of their app. So, make use of them wisely.

You have to keep your brand name as short as possible. Further, it should be easy to spell and memorize for your users. Together with the brand name, include your more relevant keywords as this can considerably enhance the keyword rankings of your app.

In addition, you should add only one title in every language while localizing your app. You should not ignore localizing the title of your app as you are targeting audience all around the world. Sometime, the demand for your mobile app may come from countries, which you had never expected. Try to add emoji within your app title so as to receive the attention of the users while browsing or searching on the Google Play Store.

Short description

As far as conversion rate and keyword rankings are concerned, the short description of any app will have a strong impact on ASO in the Google Play store. Google lets developers include a maximum of 80 characters for short description. In case the users want to know more, then they can expand their short description for the purpose of viewing the complete description of your game or mobile application.

aso guides for android apps - short descriptionIf a short description is said to be well-composed, it will highlight almost all the best things regarding your game or app. The best use, which a developer can offer to this field, is including the core keywords together with the chief intention of your app. If you add emoji in the short description, it will definitely catch the eyes of your users.


In Google Play, the description is specifically important as it will be an on-metadata factor responsible for search as well as conversion. What you need to add in this field is keywords of your game or app in collaboration with the most powerful call-to-action.

Make sure that your description is searchable as it will improve the position of your app in the search algorithm of Google Play Store. Secondly, it will help in convincing your potential users to set up your application so that it needs to be actionable.

In Google Play, the maximum length you should give a description is 4000 characters. However, the best practice is including your target keywords in the description few more time. It is very significant to include the core one in the first and last lines to improve keyword rankings. Google will index all contents of your app description, which helps with ASO.


aso-guides-for-android-apps-iconIt is said to be the first visual impact, which your app would have on your users as an essence of your app. Once search request is made in the Google Play, the users will be able to see a large of apps with many different names & icons. At this point, users need to decide their preferred app to install it.

A striking and attractive icon is said to be the key piece of every app’s appearance as it will directly impact the conversion rate. A single image is more powerful than thousand words. Furthermore, the icons are the things, which users can see in the Google Play Store through a typical search result. So, these elements are having a great impact on the ASO. If you want to publish your app on Google Play Store, then you need high-resolution icons.

Feature Graphic

Feature Graphic is another key element for optimizing conversion rate as it will give an idea and mood to the listing of your Google Play Store.


It is a common fact that images are more powerful than words. But, did you know a video is more powerful than thousand images? In the Google Play Store, one can include a YouTube Video so as to enhance his or her app identity. In this case, the thumbnail of your video will act as a feature graphic. Just enter the URL of your video in the field of “Promo Video”.

You can also localize your video as well. If you want to do that, you need to upload your videos in many different languages. You can also upload a transcript that Google will display automatically based on the settings of user language. The best thing regarding it is the views of videos on the Google Play Store will count as Youtube Views. This will make your video rank better in the YouTube search and consequently, in the Google search results. While uploading your video, please keep in mind the following tips.

Be sure to use a Youtube URL of the Individual video instead of a channel URL or a YouTube playlist. You should not make use of an age-restricted video as the promo videos of your app. Remember that feature graphic could also appear if someone will search for your application.


aso guides for android apps - screenshotsJust like the feature graphic or icon, the screenshots won’t affect the search algorithm yet they will have a huge impact on your app conversion rate. The purpose of screenshots is to show how your game or app looks like from inside in addition to highlighting its best features. Then, it is up to the user’s choice whether he or she likes what he or she sees. Therefore, it is extremely important to grab the attention of the users from the initial screenshot.

When it comes to Google Play Store, you can be allowed to add up to eight screenshots for every supported device, whereas the minimum screenshots being needed by Google is just two. But, you should not minimally limit yourself to 2 screenshots. So, be captivate and creative to the attention of users by showcasing the best features of your app. The screenshots don’t need to be actual ones yet you can also go for storytelling along with creating a selection of rich images for the purpose of describing the best features of your application.


To conclude, ASO is a quite never-ending process so that keep on trying some brand new things to optimize your listing on the Google play store. Further, you should monitor the evolution of your application and your competitors too. Just get android app reviews and be up-to-date with the news and changes related to Google Play Store for never missing any trend.

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