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The Optimal Strategies to Boost App Ranking

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High app ranking often brings a large number of downloads that produces considerable profits you are looking for. This truth goes to nearly all the app developers! Therefore, many developers are looking for ways to boost app ranking.

According to an online survey, more than 62% of users install apps that rank at the top of the research page or the top list. When users browse the research page or the top list, they give most attention to the ranking of apps. So, you need to detect ways to boost app ranking. Here we recommend you the optimal strategies.

1.Make attractive Icon

Users often hold deep interest in something special and new. If your app’s icon is somewhat flat and ordinary, users cannot be convinced to choose and stick to it. Then you fail to increase users. How can you boost app ranking without getting many users? So, distinguish your app icon from that of others and make it attractive.

2.Optimize Screenshots and Descriptions

Screenshoots and descriptions have indirect effects on app ranking. Poor-quality screenshoots and confusing descriptions also cause rejection from users. Once that happened, downloads decrease and app ranking descend. So, here we suggest that you optimize screenshots and descriptions. Make them simple and clear.

3. Test and Improve Your App

Constantly test your app! If something goes wrong with your app, what an bad impression you will leave on your users and reviewers? Both of them will be annoyed by your app and reject it. So to boost app ranking, test your app, fix bugs and holes, and make improvements on it.

4. Do App Store Optimization

We sincerely recommend this, because many app developers attach little importance on it. App Store Optimization includes keywords, description, icon, title, content and so on. Once your app is optimized, reviewers will think highly of it, and users give high remarks on it, thus boosting app ranking. If you have no idea for this, click this page to get more details.

5.Improve Ratings and Reviews

Rantings and reviews are proofs that convince users. Users tend to trust these apps that gain high ratings and positive reviews. Beside, both App Store and Google Play Store take this factor into consideration when ranking apps. High rantings and good reviews not only keep users, but increase chances to exposure the masses.

6.Increase Traffic and Downloads

The more traffic and downloads your app gets, the higher ranking it obtains in the App Store or the Google Play Store. Although App Store and Google Play Store frequently change app ranking evaluation criteria, they still take these 2 factors seriously. So, find ways to increase traffic and downloads to increase your app ranking.

7. Update & Upgrade

Stop updating and upgrading your app once it enjoyed a relatively high ranking? Absolutely no! There is no such an once and for all thing. Subsequent efforts must be strengthened to keep app ranking high. If you don’t do that, you will be crashed out of the ranking and be substituted by your rivals.

8.Enhance Engagement and User Retention

Always let you users in and foster their loyalty. By doing this, you leave a good impression on users and guarantee user retention. Why? Because you really try hard to meet their requirements and conceive their thoughts. They put forward suggestions and complaints, but stick to your app, which in turn improves app ranking.

9. Take Good Use of Social Platforms

Social platforms help popularize your app, and increase app traffic and downloads. Set accounts and build pages for your app on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Then you can share news about your app on these social platforms.

10. Customize Your App’s Style

Customize your app and make it different. As we already put before, new and unique things always catch people’s attention, so does your app. The function of your app can be the same with that of other apps, but the style should be different. Focus on small details to distinct your app and make it unparalleled. This will make users feel impressed.


With these 10 optimal strategies, we believe you have a further profound understanding on how to boost app ranking. However, it is a tough task, and subsequent efforts must be payed. If you feel like to know more complete details on this, come and and visit our homepage to have more!

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