How to Market Apps

The Ultimate Guides on How to Market Apps

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One who hardly knows product promotion is not a successful businessman, so as app developers. Sometimes although the app is well designed, it is hard to get users due to the lack of app marketing, which might be Achilles heel for the success of the apps. Therefore, how to make your apps survive and be preeminent in the App Store? Here are some useful tips about Market Apps for your consideration. Now, go on reading to get more details.

Make Improvements on Your Apps

When it comes to apps marketing, much emphasis should be placed on the improvements of the apps itself because it is the crux that decides whether users will use your apps or not. Below shows some tips on how to improve your apps.

Set an Appropriate Name

An appropriate name for your app not only means that the name is content-related, but means that it is appropriate in terms of its length. Therefore, when naming your apps, do concern the business of your app, and do not take irrelevant names into consideration. At the same time, set your name as concise as you can. Do remember that the longer the name is, the harder it is for app promotion.

Design an Eye-catching Icon

Frankly speaking, it is always the icon of the app that catches users attention and pushes them forward, because an eye-catching icon often leaves a good impression on customers. Therefore, make the icons of the apps as attractive and distinctive as possible. Through this way, users might be attracted and get to know more about your apps.

Make Distinctive and Appealing Designs

Speaking about the inner designs of apps, it is of great significance too. Users might get disappointed at your apps because of the poor designs. To meet their high demands, make your designs of the apps distinctive and appealing, and make sure that each part of the app is relevant to each other.

Constantly Improve and Update the Existing Functions of Your Apps

As you might know, no matter how florid or beautiful the appearance is, it is useless unless the inside can match the appearance. This rule goes to the functions too. In light of that, it is your responsibility to keep improving the quality of your apps and to bring convenience for your customers. Also, the tastes of users are changing rapidly. To address that issue, constantly updating your apps is inevitable.

Buy App Reviews

For users themselves, they often feel bothered to comment your app even if your app is highly welcomed or received many positive comments. Out of that reason, your app might not get many reviews as you expected. However, the number of app downloads depends on app reviews much. Besides, you might receive some negative reviews from users which might affect the app promotion. Therefore, you have to find new ways to buy app reviews. Reviewapp4u provides this kind of service to help you get more app reviews and market your app.

Collect and Analyze Feedback

To tell the truth, feedback from users cannot be overestimated. It functions as a instruction which can guide the owner of the app, detect the weak points of the app, and eventually further improve your app. So, try to collect and analyze feedback received from users for better app promotion.

Build a Website

To better market apps, you can build a website which introduces more information about the apps, update the latest news about your apps, and provide your users a channel to lodge comments on it. Besides, it increases the chance of attracting more users with the help of your website, getting more people known about this website, which in return further popularize your apps.

Promote Apps on Social Media

Social media plays a key role in marketing apps. After you built a website, you need to take full advantages of social media to popularize it, and social media turn to be a sound option. You can build pages and write advertorials on Facebook, Twitter and other social medias to let people visit and scan the pages, which help you reach the purpose of promoting, build your own brand, and better communicate with your users. Furthermore, you can advertise on these social medias to propagandize your apps.

Use Forums to Market Apps

Considering forums, you can insert the pages of your apps to relevant forums, get it exposed to more readers, build a channel to let potential target users learn your apps and express their opinions, through which, you can get many users and at the same time improve your apps

Run a Contest

To increase the understanding of the users of your apps and boost their interests, you can run a contest, invite them to finish some tasks, and award these who obtain a relatively high marks in accomplishing the tasks, which is quite useful in promoting apps.

Offer Discounts

Offering discounts is a sound way to promote apps. By providing users discounts, they might get benefits from it, which helps to strengthen customers’ loyalty. Of particular note, this method applies to the new users, so apply it next time when you launch a new app into the market!

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