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How to Make Your App Visible on App Store

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Have you ever meet a problem like this: your app isn’t showing in the App Store, and it is invisible and lost in the App Store among other apps? A report shows around 70% apps are discovered through searching and downloaded on App Store. Therefore it becomes extremely vital to make your app visible on App Store and be easily discovered by your target customers. But how?

Here we provide you with some methods to make your app more popular and have more chances to be found and installed.

How to Make Your App Visible on App Store

App Store Optimization can improve the app’s visibility through optimizing your app from lots of aspects, including icon, name, title, keywords, description, screenshots, reviews & ratings, downloads etc. Here we have listed the things you need to do when you are trying to make your app more visible on App Store.

1. Localize Your App

Mobile app localization is essential and it’s the first part of internationalization. If you submit your app in one language only, the visibility of your app will greatly be reduced in the global market. So developers should prepare their app to reach to global audiences with other languages.

But how? You need to adapt your app to multiple countries and their languages. Create new language versions of each file. This is a long-term task.

2. Choose the Right Category for Your App

There’s a primary and a secondary category you need to assign your app. The primary category is quite important for your app’s visibilities because it affects where your app will be displayed in the search result on App Store. You can consider these following aspects when choosing the category for your app.

  • Your app’s purpose
  • Where people usually look for an app like yours
  • Which categories contain the same type of apps as yours

3. Design an Attractive App Icon

app iconApp icon also plays a vital role in app store optimization. It is the first thing that a user would see so make it outstanding.

  • Make it unique
  • Select a nice color for it
  • Avoid too much text or don’t use words
  • Make it iconic and creative
  • Test on different devices

4. Define App Title Rightly

App Store is a huge marketplace. In terms of the app keywords, the app title has the biggest weight, which is one of the most significant factors that determines whether your app can be found or not on App Store. That is why you need to define your app title appropriately. You can follow these tips as below.

  • Make your app title unique, creative
  • Make your app title clear, tell what the app is about
  • Name your app title short
  • Add keywords to your app title, but don’t stack keywords
  • Include brand/app name, but don’t show other brand names
  • Pick a title and stick with it, don’t change it often

Choose a good app title will make a big influence on your app’s ranking on the App Store. So you’d better make it good.

app keywords5. Select App Keywords Effectively

The Apple algorithm has largely taken app keywords into account on improving app ranking on Apple Store.

Do keywords researching is a challenging thing. Luckily, there’s a series of App Store Optimization keyword tools to help you analyze keywords and find the right ones, such as AppTweak, AppAnnie, SearchMan, AppCodes, etc. Here’re three aspects you can consider when selecting keywords for your app.

  • Relevance
  • Popularity
  • Competition or Difficulty

6. Make a Good Description

Add the foremost keywords to the first three lines of your app description. You’d better tell your users what your app does in the first sentence of the description, tell them free or extra features compared with other competitors and lead users to click “more” button in the next sentence of three lines.

7. Use Descriptive and Exciting Screenshots

You can capture screenshots from the most exciting parts of your app. Besides this, screenshots need to meet these requirements.

  • Screenshots should be in high quality and descriptive.
  • Type headlines and features on screenshots.
  • Ensure screenshots are in the best order as possible.
  • Take up all available slots to place screenshots.

8. Increase App Downloads

app downloadsThe total number of app downloads and installs is another significant factor to affect your app keywords ranking. There’s a test shows that apps with more downloads will rank higher than those with lesser.

What can you do to get more app downloads?

  • App store optimization is the first and great way to begin.
  • Marketing your app brand to improve recognition.

9. Get Quality App Reviews & Ratings

As we all know, people would prefer to download an app with more positive reviews and higher-star ratings. How to get quality app reviews and high ratings? You can refer to these points as below.

  • Use an App review plugin
  • Ask sincerely and strategically
  • Incentive users to review and rate
  • Have an effective customer service
  • Make a polite apology
  • Notice users timely when bugs fixed
  • Buy positive app reviews & ratings

10. Engage on Social media

social mediaFacebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Instagram are good platforms to help you get more exposure and visibility for your app.

  • Try to add a description of your app, website URL, contact information, company background and other relevant content to the profile of your social accounts.
  • Create a video to help you catch the eyes of your potential users.
  • Join groups which are relevant to your app and interact with them. When necessary, provide them with useful information about the groups or topics.
  • Announce promotion/discounts, upcoming news and some tips about your app.

In conclusion

If you’ve tried the methods we mentioned above, your app still can’t be found by users or hasn’t a good ranking, you may need to choose a professional app store optimization company to help you professionally manage your app and improve your app’s visibility in the App Store in a quick way.

Besides, if you discover other successful tips for getting more visibility to your app, please do not hesitate to share your opinions and advice in the comments below.

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