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What Are the Major Factors That Affect App Ranking?

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For developers, a strong ranking position for their apps in the App Store really makes a big difference. The higher the ranking is, the easier the app exposes to publicity. Therefore, you need to make clear what are affecting app ranking the app ranking before promoting your app. Here, we propose 7 major factors for your consideration. See details in below and optimize your app to get higher ranking.


When writing a title for an app, developers have to be cautious. First and foremost, the title should contain focus keywords. Next, the title should be attractive in order to entice users. Besides, the title shouldn’t exceed the prescribed characters.


The description of an app is also regarded as one of the major factors that affect app ranking. If the description is interminable and wordy, it will definitely affect the app ranks. It is generally considered that the description should be clear and  concise.


Keywords is another factor that affect app ranking. Try to make keywords that produce high traffic volume but cause low competition. If you succeed in this, it helps to boost your app’s ranks. So, make the keywords precise, concise and relevant.

Traffic & Downloads

app ranking downloadsNormally speaking, high traffic brings high number of downloads, which in turn boost your app’s ranking. Besides, Apple’s ranking algorithm often takes this factor into account, so try to improve your app to increase traffic and downloads.

Ratings & Reviews

The importance of ratings and reviews can not be neglected, too. Apple’s ranking algorithm values this factor a lot. So, if your app fails to get reviews and ratings, finds ways to get them. For instance, you can buy app reviews from a reliable app promotion company.


One thing needs to be emphasized twice is that people like fresh things. If your app doesn’t freshen users or reviews, the traffic and downloads will decrease. Then, its place on the ranking page falls down. So, make small changes to your app and add something new to it.

Update & Upgrade

app ranking updateIf your app is frequently updated and upgraded, you are proving that you really cares your app and users. Through updating, you add new concepts and functions to your app, which brings a new experience to users. And if it is constantly upgraded, you are reassuring your users that you truly concern their complaints.


It is quite hard to speak out all the factors that affect app ranking, because Apple is uninterruptedly changing its ranking algorithm. However, no matter how changeable it is, these factors are quite often taken into consideration when renewing the ranking algorithm. If you have enough budget, you can ever try some app store optimization services to boost your ranking.

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