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How iOS App Reviews Affect Your App Ranking in App Store?

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iOS app reviews and ratings have been playing an important part in the app promotion. The reviews and the ratings tell the users how much the previous users have loved it. It is a normal human behavior to follow the good and leave the others without even knowing the facts. Yes! The ratings of your app and the reviews can really change a new user’s mind to use your app or not. This is extremely necessary that you take care of these ratings and reviews to efficiently manage your search ranking and ASO. Before optimizing your app reviews to boost your app ranking, you have to learn about the affecting factor of app ranking:

  • title
  • targeted keywordsios app reviews - app ranking
  • downloads
  • reviews and ratings
  • revenue(paid app only)
  • how often the app is used
  • recently updated
  • retention
  • country

You can find the reviews and ratings have a huge impact on the app ranking. Then, we will talk about the importance of iOS app reviews and ratings:

The effect of iOS app reviews and ratings

Although ratings and the reviews can only convince the new users, the researchers have shown that they do have an effect on the rankings of app search as well. For the Apple app store the algorithm works like this: (volume of installation made by the users in the last few hours) + (volume of installation made by the users in the last few days) + (Star rating and reviews) + (no of times the app has been used by the users) + (value earned through the sales).

Although there is no confirmed formula using which you can calculate all these and manage them yourselves. But what you can do is, a bit of research and try to find out how iOS reviews and ratings can affect the ranking algorithm. What you need to do is to take into account 1,000 apps which are at the top and now analyze the ratings and compare it to the rankings. You will see that almost 70% of those top apps have the rating either 4 or more than 4 and that has significantly contributed in the downloading of those apps.

Therefore, basically, if you have more positive reviews and ratings, your app ranks will go higher. So, how you can drive enough ratings and reviews to your app? How can you go up on the ladder of the app store ranking?

1. Create a high-quality app to attract users to install and review your appios app reviews - high quality app

  • add the main keywords in app’s title and subtitle to improve the searching ranking
  • add 8-12 keywords in app’s description to increase the keywords coverage
  • make your app more professional and functional
  • try to get into the top list of Editor’s choice column that will do great, as people will love to try out those apps which are loved by the Apple App Store editors.
  • get your app localized. This will help you get traffic from important countries. According to more than 50% customers, they would love to download an app in their own language and they will not be bothered about the price. So, you can just use the google play translator and change the descriptions and reviews in the user-specific language.
  • update and upgrade your app in time(about once every 3 months)
  • use popular or interesting advertisements to engage your users in the app.

2. Do not annoy users

Begging for the reviews is annoying. Because you will disturb the users, especially interrupt the users who have something was doing. Actually, most users would not like to review or rate your app unless your app has a high quality or they hate your app. Therefore, you have to analyze the mind of users when you ask them to review your app. If you want to get positive reviews from users, do the following:

  • ask the users who have installed your app and used your app a certain number of times
  • pop-up reviews request should appear when the users to be happy with-after finish a task, or buy some goods via your app
  • control the times of request appears, ideally three times a year
  • ask them to review or rate when they enjoy your app
  • ask your existing customer for a feedback while they are using the app.
  • let the users fill a form to mention the kind of bug or the issues they are facing while playing.

3. Response and track the reviews

After users review your app, you have to pay attention to the feedback and track the reviews of users. If the users received the response of you, they would prefer to keep your app in their phone and leave more positive reviews and ratings for your app. Also, they even could advertise your app to their friends and relatives. Thus, you will not only get more positive app reviews and ratings, but also get more app downloads to boost your app ranking. During the process of response the users’ reviews, you have to focus on the negative reviews. Finding the problems and bugs from these reviews and optimizing your app accordingly to cater to the needs of users. Of course, the attitude of response must be very friendly.

4. other useful methods to get app reviews and ratingsios app reviews - get app reviews and ratings

  • exchange reviews and ratings with other app developers
  • incentivize users to give you reviews and ratings(most useful)
  • ask for your friends and relatives’ help
  • advertising(online and offline)
  • use tools that will help you have a feedback form on your website so that the users can rate them from your website itself.
  • when you are in the Beta testing phase, request the users for a rating this will help you in the future.
  • target your users using emails and ask them for a rating via email.
  • do not forget to include one CTA in the email signature

5. Do not use any Unethical Techniques

It is really alluring to choose a path that can lead you to the success in no time at all. One of them might be an advertisement saying that they can get your certain numbers of real rating and reviews for money. Although they will guarantee you 100% satisfaction, it is not really as good as they look.

Apple has already started to cut down the fake accounts and delete those fake reviews from the apps. The result of which is not going to be very good if you are one of those app developers. As per the Apple app store rules, they will decide whether to ban your app or to delete your publisher account forever, but that will depend on how much cheating you have done. This means that buying iOS app reviews from unreliable companies is not going to solve your problem, rather it can really take you into deep trouble in the near future.

Therefore, you should buy app reviews from a reliable company that provides reviews from real users. Also, ensure the reviews contain the keywords you want to optimize. In this way, your app will not be punished and it will get higher ranking and more popular.


iOS app reviews and ratings are priceless for the new users and you should not play with it by adding some fake reviews to it. This may you get your app traffic and users initially, but once they will realize your app is not as good as the reviews say, they will certainly leave a bad review and will stop using your app. So play fair, work hard and get the user rating and the reviews naturally. In addition, if you want to get more methods about guide users to leave positive feedback, click the blog that I published before. 

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