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Most Effective 15 Ways to Get App Reviews in 2017

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For anyone who launches an app, it is a must to get good ratings and reviews. App Ratings obviously plays a major part in ranking your app. It is crucial for you to leave a positive first impression for the users before they download your app. The more the positive reviews and ratings you get, the more you will get your newer users. Follow the 15 tips to get app reviews below and you will definitely increase app reviews and ratings in no time.

Creating a  good app

Get App Reviews

It sounds obvious and dumb but nevertheless, for you to get app reviews you still need to consider what exactly adds up to make up a good app. The problem you are trying to solve or how you want to entertain your audience with the app must be done exactly how you described it on the app store.

You make an app that helps read out e-books, you have to make sure the app delivers just that and at the same time add some extra features and designs in order to make it have a modern look and at the same time fulfill its purpose. This unconsciously gives a good impression of your app to the users, leading to them leaving a positive review and rating, which is exactly we are looking for.

Buy reviews

Sometimes you’ve just got to buy app reviews, especially when you know it’s an awesome app. You can easily get people to do this for you but it is highly recommended to do this for you. There are lots of these kinds of websites available but you have to be extremely careful when choosing.

Once you have gotten more ratings and reviews for the App, this will encourage newer users to leave their own positive opinions. Some App Review/Promotion websites can also provide reviews from a particular country if needed. It all depends on what you want.

Don’t mislead users with your app

If an App user realizes that the App can’t offer what was guaranteed, you stand a great risk getting a very bad review from them. Be absolutely sincere about what your App can do and it’s genuine purpose in the description section. It’s not worthy and sensible to try to get more downloads at the expense of getting negative reviews from dissatisfied users.

Make sure you provide the best

Get App Reviews - create best appIf your app is free to download and you failed to deliver, you might not get a negative review because most users will just delete it and move on. But this is not the case with users that paid to download an app. If you failed to provide what was expected from your app after a user has paid, you will definitely get a negative rating. But if you do as promised, you stand a high chance of getting positive reviews from happy buyers.

Let your users speak to you

Make sure that it’s possible for your users to interact with you. Instead of taking out their anger on you using a negative review, they can speak with you and let you know what problem they are facing with the app. Having a Facebook page can be an awesome way for your users to get in touch with you. This makes it a whole lot easier for both the developer and user.

Thoroughly review your app before you release it

Test every single feature of your app before you release it to the App stores. Doing this will certainly increase the confidence you have for your app.But not just that, you can know which user review is actually fake and real — Due to the competition of other apps developers.

Explain why good ratings are essential

Get App Reviews While being pushy is an annoying technique to get app reviews from the user, many users just don’t understand the value or how important positive ratings are for you. Every now and then, you can let them know how crucial it is and how it is really helpful for your app.

Avoid disturbing your users to rate your app

The idea of always reminding your users to rate your app can easily backfire, because users don’t want to feel obligated to rate/review your app. There are several good uses for the push notifications feature in the apps, but requesting users to rate your app is not just part of them.

Browse the reviews you get

Filter the unimportant user reviews, and ensure that you to pay attention and heed any criticism from the users. Although there is no way to immediately speak to users who leave reviews, there’s a reason to fix it in order not to get the same complaints from future users. Fixing the fault won’t actually increase your rating quickly, but it’s much better than carrying on to get poor ratings.

Make sure you start with Good Ratings

Get App Reviews with high ratingsUnfortunately, getting started with negative ratings can quickly make users who haven’t used the app before to leave a negative rating. And this leads to giving people a bad impression of your app and they can easily decide not to download. And even if they download the app, they could be using it with the negative mindset – Sooner or later they’re much more likely to give a poor rating. Indeed, if you have enough budget, you can get app ratings from a reliable app-rating provider to help you.

Incentivize users to review your app

Nowadays, most people would not like to leave their reviews, because they think it is not necessary to do. However, if your app has high-valued content, you don’t need to worry this problem. If you have faced a big challenge of improving your app’s quality, you can consider to incentivizing users to leave their feedback. For example, you can use IAP and offer wall to guide users to review your app. It is an effective method to get app reviews for the attraction of benefits.

Analyze the psychology of users

With all the app reviews are from users, you had better know what the users are thinking about. Analyze users can help you cater to the interests of them and then get positive reviews from them. Here are what you need to know to get reviews from your users:

  • Distinguish the style of users, including talkative and non-talkative users.
  • Grasp the right time to ask users to leave feedback
  • Cater for the interests and needs of users
  • Keep the times of asking users to leave reviews

Reviews exchange get app reviews - reviews exchange

Reviews exchange is a method that most app developer would like to use for free. To get a success via this method, you have to popularize your app on some relevant social media and forums. Of course, it is best if you have a lot of fans on Facebook, Instagram, etc. The fans will advertise your app in their friends’ circle willingly to help you get app installs and reviews.


Pop-ups is a method that most app developers have used to generate app reviews. As I have introduced, the time of pop-ups appear should be appropriate, and the times should also be controlled. Indeed, in order to avoid the impatient of users, you can design a yes/no choice to guide users give their positive reviews voluntarily.

Instant message

After users reviewed or rated your app, you could send an instant message to them. It is an effective method to keep connect with users in time and leave them a good impression. If your app is of value, the old users would like to popularize your app to new users, which can get more app store reviews in return. Also, this method can make your users realized you focus on them all the time, and be good for increasing the retention rate of your app.


There is no doubt in the fact that positive reviews are beneficial for an app to be successful. If you’re a developer who’s lagging behind reviews, deploy all these tips to get app reviews and you absolutely boost your app ranking very quickly. Overtime you will certainly grow in terms of positive reviews due to the quality of your app.

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