How to Choose a Good Company to Buy App Store Reviews?

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buy App Store reviewsMany app developers feel frustrated and dejected when they invite users to review for their apps. They either get few responses from users or receive a heap of complaints. However the quantity and quality of reviews directly influence app ranking, so developers have to find ways to get positive reviews. Some of them decide to buy reviews, but fear of being cheated. To better help them, we give some suggestions on how to choose a good company to buy App Store reviews.


There are many uncertain and unstable factors on the Internet, so it is necessary that you assess a company’s credibility to avoid risks. You can check its capability by accessing its official website, on which you can study its former cases and read its customers feedback; or you can talk with its service support staff directly, which helps you know more about the company. One thing we need to highlight is: never trust those companies who make promise too good to be true.

Genuine reviewers

buy App Store reviews-genuine usersHave you ever heard that some apps are removed from the App Store? Why? Because Apple finds them hiring fake users to review. Although some providers boast that they have real reviewers, they actually manipulate bots to review your app. So, be careful when you buy App Store reviews from some companies. We recommend ReviewApp4U for you, for it provides genuine users all around the world and has established a good reputation among many of its customers. You can read this page to know why choose ReviewApp4U.

Positive reviews

App Store often regards reviews like” I like this app” “ Fantastic” “ It’s a good app” as fake ones. So, although some companies do have real users, you should give no considerations of them if they can’t assure the quality of reviews. On the contrary, if a company provides you details about the strict rules they set on reviews, like how long should the review be, what words should be used in the review, or how long should the reviews exist…

Cost-effective service

buy App Store reviews-cost-effective serviceTo save your time and energy and reduce your costs, why not choose a company that is cost-effective? For instance, ReviewApp4U can ensure you that every penny you spend is worthy and you can see instant improvement on your app. Besides, if you buy 50-100 reviews, you enjoy 10% off, and if you buy more than 100 reviews, you get 30% off. Even more, if your app is a free one, you get extra 5 reviews for free(50-100 reviews), and extra10 for free(100+ reviews).

Professional support

At the same time, the company you pick should provide professional support to its customers. It has to to promise you that it is able to answer your questions timely and effectively and that you can always contact it by e-mail or other channels. What’s more, make sure that the company provides after-sales services.


buy App Store reviews-legitimacyYou know that Apple is cracking down on illegal actions, like using fakes reviews and ratings to promote apps. Therefore, you should make sure that the company you choose do not violate any rules of the Apple. Otherwise, once the cheating is verified, not only your app will disappear in the Apple Store, but your account will run the risk of being canceled. So, be careful.


Except for the above aspects, there are many other factors you need to take into account when you buy App Store reviews from a company. If you have any questions, you can contact us through Email, Facebook,phone numbers or simply leave your comments down below. We are ready to help you in any time.

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