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Why Should App Developers Buy App Reviews from ReviewApp4U?

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As is well-known that app reviews influence the app ranking since both Apple and Google ranking algorithms take reviews into account. Undoubtedly, if your app gets more reviews than your competitors, you are more likely to reach more potential users. But how to get reviews from users? We think that the best way is to buy app reviews from ReviewApp4U. Why? Get your answer in the following!

buy app reviewsWhy buy app reviews

Yes, you can exert so many ways to let users review your app. However, you must have the same experience that when you are a user, you feel reluctant to review. For one thing, it is annoying and disturbing while you are having fun with an app and suddenly a plugin pups up and ask for a review. For another thing, you have no obligations to review at all. So, review tools and strategies are sometimes of no avail at all.

On the contrary, it is interesting that you often receive negative reviews from users. This is because they think it a good way to express their complaints and grievance. However, negative reviews are not good for attracting new users or boosting app ranking. Therefore, there is a sound idea to you – buy app reviews from professional service providers.

5 things to notice when you buy app reviewsbuy app reviews - notice

When you decide to buy app reviews, you should at least pay attention to the following 5 points:

Choose a reliable company

Nowadays, there are many app reviews provider who has claimed that their services are valued and worth choosing. But to guarantee the quality of app reviews, you have to sharpen your eyes to choose a reliable company. They should provide professional service to help you get more positive reviews so that get increasing downloads and boost app ranking.


One thing you should know is – Apple is taking action against fake reviews. It says that apps that are found making fake reviews will be removed from the App Store. What’s worse, app developers even have the risk of getting their accounts frozen. Therefore, make a thorough search on the review providers. Some providers claim that they invite real users to make good reviews, but in fact, they manipulate bots to review. Be careful of that!

Review quality

Although some providers have real users, they might fail to set clear rules on how to make positive reviews. As a result, some users simply write short comments like “fantastic”  “It’s awesome” “It’s the best app I have ever used”, which is often regarded as fake reviews. A positive review buy app reviews positiveshould meet the following standards:

⦁ It should contain at least 2-3 sentences, no less than 15words.
⦁ The content should be relevant to the app they review and be positive.
⦁ It should be written on the App Store with different iTunes accounts.


When you plan to buy app reviews from a company, you have to pay attention to their charge of each review. You should compare more companies with the one you choose to find the most cost-effective company. But, you can’t only pay your attention to the cost of review, you have to focus on the quality and the reputation of this company.

After-sale service

Another important you should tank into consideration is the after-sale service. Some companies will run away after you pay your order, which will cause a big loss for you. So, before you buy app review, you have to make clear the after-sale service of this company to ensure you risk-free.

Why choose ReviewApp4U

ReviewApp4U is a professional app promotion company offering positive reviews and ratings for iOS app developers. It has real and genuine users all over the world. App developers can feel free to choose ReviewApp4U, because:

They have a large real user base

Over the years, they have fostered real and genuine users all around the world, so they can assure you that all reviews your app receives are real. In fact, the number of their users is continuing to rise, which enables them to make more good reviews for your app.

Offer quality reviews

They have set strict rules on how their users should review for apps. Each IP address can be used only once for registration. They have set limits on the reviewers’ account and their Apple ID nickname cannot be modified once used. Besides, they have made clear requirements on the length and diction of each review. All works are done to ensure quality!

Provide quality service

buy app reviews quality serviceThey are trustworthy. You can contact them anytime when you need consultation, and they will answer your questions instantly. You can send your questions to their mailbox, contact them on Facebook and Skype, or even simply leave your question on their website. They have professional support staff to answer any of your questions. Once your order is activated, you can check your order process in the report section of this company.

They are capable and efficient

Once their reviewers have received the task, they will finish the review task within 24 hours. But since Apple will take some time to verify each review, it usually spends 1/2 days before app reviews appear on the App Store.


They offer discounts to customers appropriately. They sincerely hope that both sides can benefit from this cooperation, so they are willing to offer preferential prices if your order has reached certain amounts. Anyway, the price is negotiable.


Buying app reviews is a good way to boost your app ranking, but it is a tough task, too. You need to not only make a reasonable budget, but also do a suitable search on the provider you choose. Because there are some scammers glutting on the Internet. But, in this niche, you can always trust Reviewapp4u and you can go and visit their website to check if you are interested.

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