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How to Choose a Reliable Service Provider to Buy App Ratings?

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buy app ratingsAs an app developer, you may find it is a great way to buy app ratings and reviews from a professional app promotion company, because it enables you to avoid low ratings that are harmful to your app’s ranking. However, to circumvent the unsafe factors, you have to make full preparations to prevent online cheaters. In this post, we will illustrate how important app ratings are and list several guides on how to select a reliable company to buy app store ratings.

App ratings are quite significant

The significance of app ratings cannot be neglected, you can learn more details in below:

Affect app ranking

Both App Store and Google Play algorithms take app ratings and reviews into account, which means that ratings play a decisive part in boosting app ranking. The higher the ratings are, the higher your app ranks on the App Store or Google Play.

Convince users to download your app

buy app ratings-convince users to downloadApp ratings are considered as a useful factor that can extremely persuade users to download your app. It is understandable that users think little of your app if they find that your app gets low ratings. So, don’t create any opportunities for your rivals and seek ways to improve app ratings.

Build a good reputation

App ratings can represent app’s quality and the feedback of users. The more 4/5-star ratings you get, the higher quality your app has. Also, getting more high app ratings can help you build a good reputation for your app, which can boost your app ranking and attract more users to install your app.

Why buy app ratings?

App ratings are important, but it is uneasy to get them from users. So, it is acceptable for users to buy app ratings from a reliable company. There are more details to convince you to buy app ratings.

Users seldom rate your app voluntarily

Obviously, you cannot force users to rate your app. Then, how about users? Well, most of them hold the idea that they see no obligations to rate and they think it is time-consuming and troublesome to comment. Therefore, if you want to get app ratings from users, it is very hard unless you have a fantastic app.

4/5-star ratings are hard to getbuy app ratings-4/5-star ratings are hard to get

Although some users actively rate your app, you can not always ensure the quality of the ratings. Actually, 1/2-star ratings are commonest, because your app might do not meet their high standards or they really have a bad impression of your app and need a chance to complain. Also, the low app ratings will affect your downloads and ranking on app stores.

Professional and guaranteed service

Maybe most app developers would like to get app ratings by themselves with lacking budget, but the result is always not satisfied. If you choose a responsible company to buy app ratings, they will give you a professional and guaranteed service according to your app. You do not worry anything during this process as long as providing your app to them.

Grow revenues

If you plan to buy app ratings from a company, your app ranking will boost on app stores in a short time. At the same time, you will get increasing app installs so that grow your revenues. It is a good chance for app developers to promote their apps effectively.

How to choose a reliable provider to buy app ratings?buy app ratings - reliable provider

From the above analysis, we can see that buying app ratings is a sound choice, but it is a tough task, too. We, therefore, suggest that you take the following factors into account when hiring a rating agency for help.

Real and genuine users

This is paramount. Some providers claim that they have real users, but in fact, they use only one or two devices to rate your app without installation. Once the fake ratings are verified by App Store and Google Play, they will remove your app or cancel your developer account. So, never run this risk, do a thorough research and see if the agency has real and genuine users.

4/5-star ratings

Only 4/5-star ratings are beneficial to app ranking, so you should ask the provider to assure the quality of ratings. Also, 80% users would like to regard app ratings as an affecting factor when they want to install an app. And the app has 4/5-star ratings have a bigger possibility to be downloaded by users. Therefore, you have to make a clear that the provider will offer 4/5-star ratings rather than low ratings.

which OS ( Operating System) does it supportbuy app ratings- operating system

Some app rating providers only support iOS operating system, while some only Android. So, if you intend to launch your app on both App Store and Google Play, you should make sure that their service is available for all the operating systems.


If the prices they offer exceed your budgets, ask if they can provide you some preferential prices. Anyway, you should make an agreement with the company before you use their service. Take care of those providers who might rip you off or cheat you. Of course, you should not focus on the prices only, you should also pay attention to their quality. Considering the both factors completely and make a clever decision for your app.

Modes of payment

When you choose app rating provider, you have to take the modes of payment into consideration. Because it is easy and safe for you to choose a reliable mode of payment, like Alipay. If this company just provide one unsafe payment, you have to think twice before you choose that.

Quality service

A qualified company provides their customers many channels available for contact, like e-mail addresses, phone numbers, Facebook or Skype accounts, one-to-one chat channel, etc. Besides, it has professional experts to reply any questions from their customers. So, you should see if the provider you choose provides quality service.

After-sale services

A reliable company always provide great after-sale service to make users worry-free and risk-free. You can track your order at any time and get a satisfying answer if you have any questions for their service. Also, if you are not happy with their service, you have the right to ask a refund to protect your money.

Legitimate or not

buy app ratings- legitimate or notIt is a must to check if the provider violates relevant rules of App Store or Google Play. App Store shows zero tolerance to fake and robot reviews, and the consequence is serious if the ratings are proofed to be fake. So, we again emphasize the importance of using real and genuine users to rate your app. You need to make sure that users’ devices are authenticated, each account is registered only once and cannot be modified, and users have to download and install your app before rating.


We know that there are many other useful ways to get app ratings from users, like setting a plugin to request for ratings, incentivizing users to rate, running a contest to motivate users…. However, the most efficient and quickest way we think is to buy app ratings from an experienced and professional service provider. Although it does cost you a quite sum of money, you will finally find that each money you spend is worthy.

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