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Is It Really Useful to Buy Android Reviews for Your App?

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Many app developers doubt whether it is useful to buy Android reviews from an app promotion company. Some of them even hold the idea that buying reviews and ratings is against the rule of the Google Play Store. In fact, it is useful and legitimate as long as you do it according to the due process and do not practice frauds. In this post, we will deeply analyze this question for you.

buy Android reviewsAndroid reviews are important

First, we will illustrate the importance of Android reviews to you. App reviews play a significant role in deciding the success of an app, for they:

Boost app ranking

Like App Store, Google Play Store also takes app reviews and ratings into account its algorithm to rank apps. So, an app with more and better reviews undoubtedly ranks higher in the charts than those that gain less and poorer reviews. That’s why developers are racking their wits to gain reviews.

Increase the visibility and of your app

Once your app rushes into the top charts, hot search charts, or category charts, then your app will stand out from the masses and be more visible to users. To win potential users, you first have to make your app more visible and discoverable in the Google Play Store. This means that users are more easily to find your app from millions of other apps.

buy Android reviews-motivate users to download your appMotivate users to download your app

App reviews are informative. By reading reviews, users will develop a basic understanding of an app, know its main functionality, and even find both advantages and disadvantages of the app. App reviews are reliable. Most of the time, users tend to trust what reviewers say about an app, for these reviewers have experienced the app and hence their reviews are reliable. These two points help to convince users to download your app.

Collect feedback from users to improve your app

You can’t assure that your app is perfect and bugs free, but you can always improve it with the help of users. If users put forward some suggestions, you can know the defects of your app and then upgrade it. So reviews are important. They are a good way to collect customers feedback, which helps to know users better and improve an app.

Why buy Android reviews?

After further knowing the importance of app reviews, now you might ask – why choose buying reviews? Yes, there are many other ways of how to get app reviews and ratings, like incentivising users to review, running a contest to stimulate users to review, setting a plugin to ask for reviews, etc. But things are not so easy as you think, because:

buy Android reviews-users seldom voluntarily review your appusers seldom voluntarily review for apps

From the perspective of users, they barely make reviews of an app proactively. For one thing, they find no responsibilities at all to review; for another thing, they think the review process is somehow troublesome, for it costs them several minutes to finish the task. So, it is uneasy to get reviews from users.

it’s hard to ensure the quality of reviews

Although you gain reviews from your users, you cannot always assure the review quality. Out of some reason, some users might have a bad impression on your app, so they write reviews to complain and criticize. However, this is harmful for app promotion. Other users write reviews like “amazing” “good”. Apparently, they are praising your app, but Google might regard this kind of reviews as fake, for the comments is too easy and short to be true.

the competition in the Google Play Store is drastic

Statistics show that there are over 2.2 million apps available for Android users up to June 2016. What’s more, the number keeps growing. To win your rivals, instead of creating a real good app, you have to exert to some app promotion strategies to better market your app. Since you can’t assure the quantity and quality of reviews from your users, why not buy Android reviews?

buy Android reviews-benefits of buying Android reviewsBenefits of buying Android reviews

If you buy Answer reviews, you can obtain the following benefits:

more real and positive reviews

There are many service providers that provide real and genuine users all over the world, like ReviewApp4U, and BestReviewApps. For instance, ReviewApp4U sets clear standards on good reviews and hires real users to review apps. It is trustworthy!

higher ranking

The more and better reviews your app has, the higher ranking your app gets. With quality reviews, your app will ascend to ranking charts sooner or later.

more users

Once your app is more visible to users, you get more and more users downloading and installing your app.

more revenues

The number of users makes sense in whether your app succeed or not. More users bring more revenues – a truth nearly without any doubts!


To wrap it up, it is very useful to buy Android reviews for your app. So, we suggest that you choose a profession app promotion company to get real and good Android reviews. Besides, you can read this guide to know how to market your apps successfully.

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