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Best Guides on How to boost App Store Ranking Effectively

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There are many online app stores, and each of which has millions of apps available, especially the major ones. If you developed an iOS app which is on Apple App Store, the business you do with it is directly proportional to your App Store ranking. Therefore, it is important to learn how to boost App Store ranking to get your app more exposure.

At first, you have to try your best to optimize your app so that improve the quality of your app. An app with high-quality is more likely be installed by users, and the app stores would like to give more chances to this kind of apps a higher ranking. While, how to optimize app effectively?

How Do You Optimize Your App?boost app store ranking - app store optimization

With there are so many mobile apps, it’s not an easy task to have your mobile app noticed. In order to achieve this hard goal, you can try to do App Store Optimization (ASO). It is important in the app business to make your app more visible and discoverable on app stores. There are many posts and articles about app store optimization, you can learn about some details from that. Also, you can join some forums and communities to learn the new methods and trends to promote your apps.

There are many other ways through which you can promote your mobile app online and boost app store ranking except for ASO. Here are some of the other methods that you need to focus on. Some of them come with your ASO strategy itself.

Putting Right Keywords in the App Title

You must remember to place keywords well. Put the most important keywords for the app title. Using keywords related to the app in the description. Finding the keywords is similar to what you would have done if you wanted keywords for a page. Also, you need to see what most people type in when they are searching for a similar service or app on Google.

The app title is your branding tool, after the icon. Make it something that is catchy. If it has a keyword in it, all the better. This is what customers will remember your app. There are limited characters for app developers to show their app title, so the more important words and characters should come at the very beginning of the app. For example, if your app is about hotel reservations, the app title needs to have the word ‘hotel’ in it somewhere. The right ASO strategy can generate more traffic for your particular app.

Have the right icon

Optimize the app icon and the screenshots so that catches the eye of more people. This will eventually boost app store ranking.

The icon you choose for your app doesn’t just help build brand loyalty and improve brand engagement, it plays a role in increasing your app ranking effectively. If it is easy to remember, your app will leave customers a deep impression so that get more app downloads. If it does not make an impression on the customers’ minds, the result always unsatisfactory. Thus, to boost app store ranking and generate more app downloads, creating an attractive and appealing icon is necessary.

Focus on Customer Engagementboost app store ranking - customer engagement

You need to look to engage and to retain your customers. When someone downloads your app, it is only the beginning. The trick is to engage customers in such a way that they keep using it. A good way to retain customers is to develop an app that customers like and use on a daily basis. The following 3 questions can help you create a good app to drive more users:

  • What’s useful for your customers?
  • What they need more from your app?
  • What are the benefits if they installed your app?

The best advertisement for your app is word of mouth done by your existing customers, which can help increase your customer base significantly. Also, creating a good user experience is essential for app developers to grow installs. In return, more and more installs can help you get a higher ranking on app stores.

Focus on Having the Right Reviews

App reviews on the app store can help decide how much downloads your app have – and you need to ensure that you’ve positive reviews to persuade new users to install your app. You need to look at improving the quality and quantity of reviews and ratings of your app. The more customers use your app, the more reviews and ratings you will get.

However, simply because customers are downloading and using your app, it does not necessarily follow that your app will have great ratings and reviews. Talk to customers and ensure that you meet their needs to get some positive reviews. In the early stages, each review counts and each negative review can block your chances of delivering an app that becomes popular.

Your strategy needs to ensure that you get a review from each happy user. A simple nudge periodically will do good – often, customers get so engaged in using your app that they forget to rate it.  Remember, the better the reviews and ratings, the more the number of downloads for your app.

Upgrading the App Can Build a Better User Experience

Updating and upgrading your app regularly is important. Every app will have bugs once you’ve launched your app on the app store, no matter how good your developer is. Look at user problems and address them as quickly as possible. Do this on the basis of research and customer feedback.

Acting on feedbacks timely will ensure that you hold on to those good reviews and ratings from existing customers. It will also ensure that you get more app downloads and boost app store ranking.


Fall back on the old tried and tested method of advertising. Increasing traffic to your app is an effective way to boost app store ranking.  Advertise about your app on other apps. More traffic will translate to more downloads, and the rest will follow.

Focus on a Good Social Media Strategyboost app store ranking - social media

Connect to social media as much as you can. Your customers are sure to be using at least one social media platform – like Instagram or Facebook. It’s a great way to build brand loyalty and user engagement. Plus, it’s the easiest way to reach out to your customers too. Once you’ve done all this, you’re good to go. The right ASO strategy will help you get your app on to the top of app search results. More visibility translates to more downloads, and a better chance of being featured in the top 50 apps. If you’ve invested in the right ASO strategy, it’s time to see the results and boost app store rankings.

Cooperate with other platforms

If you have not enough efforts and time to promote your app, you should choose to cooperate with other platforms to help you. There are many channels you can choose, like app promotion company and review sites. At here, finding a reliable app promotion company is more effective to help you achieve your goal. Of course, some popular review sites also can help you build a famous brand so that grow more app downloads.

Content marketing

Content marketing majors in popularizing your app via professional content, like the blog, posts, PR, etc. You can create a personal blog to advertising your app. Also, you can publish some guest posts and press releases to attract more users to install your app. If you choose to publish your articles on other sites, ensuring the topic is related to app development and the sites have high domain authority. Once your app becomes popular, your app will get increasing downloads so that boost app store ranking on app stores.

In conclusion

Getting a higher ranking on app stores is essential for app developers to generate app downloads and revenues. These methods mentioned above are the part of app promotion niche. You have to combine with the actual situation of your app, creating a suitable plan to boost app store ranking effectively. Of course, if you have other methods about this topic, you can leave your idea on the comment part!

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