Tips to Perfect Your App Store Optimization

Best Tips to Perfect Your App Store Optimization

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As far as App Store Optimization is concerned, there are 2 kinds of people: the first kind will acknowledge they know nothing about it while the other will say it’s mostly similar to SEO but only available at app stores.  Although the latter is partly true, the true story behind App Store Optimization is much more complex, profound and fascinating.

The major difference between ASO and SEO lies in what occurs after users enter your website or in our case, your app page. For SEO, it is at this point that the process comes to an end. The concept of including certain keywords in the text is to ensure your website shows up amongst the top search results for queries that could be relevant or even irrelevant at times.

The App Store on the other hand has just started having fun. Our aim is not to generate traffic on your app page, rather to ensure your app is found by people who need it, are loyal, will continue to visit your page as well as install and use regularly. Everything isn’t about traffic, but conversion.

In other words, for the best app store optimization, focus on various aspects that will come into play during a prospects visit. The major tips in creating an original, persuasive and enlightening experience are listed below.

Keyword research

Very similar to SEO, it makes use of specially selected tools like App Annie and Sensor Tower for app store optimization. The content on your page ought to have pertinent, sought after terminologies that will guide prospective users to your app. The trick here is to strike the right balance between the different levels of difficulty and traffic.

Keep in mind that most organic traffic to your page will be as a result of a simple search on App Store, so give it your best shot.

App description

While Keyword research greatly helps in generating the best results out of Apple and Google’s algorithms, humans are the ones that will actually read your App description and make a decision on whether to install your app or not. So, you must ensure your content has keywords and great app description. This approach is commonly used by App Store Optimization.

Prospects don’t really know or care about keywords. They need to know that the app seeking permission to access their most sensitive information is serious and smart. Let your content not suggest otherwise.


Lots of apps in the market consider screenshots as a features list, which is regrettable and unproductive. Rather than use easy in-app shots, that are most likely not brilliant in the first place, get the best out of this space and see it as another platform for advertising. Brands that are not yet known ought to leverage this opportunity if they want to shine. Make sure you’re telling a story with these screenshots, do not allow such a critical part of your app page turn into something uninteresting and predictable.

App logo

Ensure your logo is eye catching and able to give users an idea of what your app is about. When prospective users scroll and examine different options, your icon is the first and in some cases the only thing they notice. Make sure it’s outstanding.

Competitive research

Keep abreast of what your competitors are offering and find out if there keywords you are not using. Make use of your common sense and existing measuring tools to bring your app page up to date accordingly. It’s smart to always know what the current standard is and then offer something completely different for best app store optimization.

Video trailer

Our advice for anyone who decides to put in resources in developing a trailer is to place a priority on your users than Apple. We conducted a research recently which showed that Apple doesn’t implement its own guidelines and quickly approves videos having footage that goes far beyond the same old in-app footage. Prospective users see what your product does and the creativity of the people behind it through your trailer, keep them entertained and informed.

App Name

Giving your app a name that is catchy, informative and unforgettable really helps in app store optimization. Leading keywords should be included as part of your title. Don’t fall into the temptation of choosing a title just because it sounds fun and attractive. Spend time researching your category and discover how rankings are influenced by keywords. Ensure your app name is short and sweet since it’s only the 1st characters of your title that will be made visible.

Reviews and 5 star rankings

One of the things potential users look at when they visit your app page is experience of previous users. They also visit the review section on Google Play. Ensure positive reviews are highlighted and negative comments are replied immediately. Consider assigning this task to a staff member so as to stay on top of it.  You can buy app reviews to optimize your app reviews and ratings in app stores.


This is where it gets a bit tricky especially as there are lots of free apps available so getting people to pay for your app sounds crazy. Nevertheless, for your app to be featured in the section for “apps on sale”, you must first name your price. Choose a price that is reasonable and offer promotional prices during holidays.


People who develop and market apps must learn to speak the language of the users. The US App Store and that of the UK requires different keyword research, and should your target market be Koreans, let your app description say so. Feel free to include slangs, local phrases and cultural references to match each of the locations. It enhances app store optimization.


Not to discourage you but your App Store Optimization efforts never really ends. Actually, as soon as you have your description, screenshots and title in place, you are ready to start. Always measure and optimize your results, experiment with different keywords and change the app description and creative content from time to time.


In conclusion, as an app developer, if you want to really know what influences potential users to install an app, see your app page as a storefront on the busiest roads in your vicinity and then test each of our tips as if you were trying to attract window-shoppers. When you concentrate on creating a poignant shopping experience for consumers, you’ll definitely get the right results. And there you have it, your top tips on app store optimization.


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