10 Tips for How To Improve App Store Ranking

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Every app developer and marketer wants to have their apps ranking high in the App Store or Google Play. A higher ranking means more downloads, a stronger brand image, and more revenues. Improving app store ranking is a big challenge and it takes time and effort to get your app on the top of the list.

This guide provides you valuable tips on how to improve your app store ranking.

1. Optimize Your App’s Presenceapp store ranking - app store optimization

The first thing you should do is optimize your app’s presence by focusing on the key metrics. These metrics are as following:

  • Keywords: Keyword research is important before you start optimizing your app’s content in the app store. You should also identify the keywords used by your competitors. It is easy to choose the commonly used keywords but they will leave you competing for traffic.
  • App’s Title: Identify the keywords that can help you drive the most traffic and that traffic must be relevant. Make sure to include the most important keyword in the title.
  • App Description: The app description should be optimized for both the app store’s ranking algorithm and the human users.
  • App Quality: If you have a good quality app, more people will use it for a longer duration. The more often an app is used and the lesser the number of uninstalls it has, the higher it ranks.

2. Increase Number of Downloads

When you have a number of downloads, they translate into higher rankings. It will thus create a cycle where higher ranking will further boost your app’s downloads. You can use off-page strategies to direct more traffic to your app page and increase the number of downloads. This can include using the power of social media and even creating a dedicated website.

3.Beautify the Screenshots

It is easier to sell something that looks good. Make sure to provide screenshots of your app in your app’s listing. It can create a strong visual impression, not to forget the practical benefits. potential users will also get an insight into what the app can do.

4. Create an Eye-catching Iconapp store ranking - optimize app icon

The app’s icon further adds to the visual impression. It helps create the first impression and it will be best if you make it stand out from the crowd. The better the app connects with its functions, the more downloads you can expect and this can further translate into a better ranking.

5. Add a Video

You can add a video to your app’s Google Play profile. A video can speak tens of thousands of words. Give your potential users an insight into your app before they decide whether to download it or not.

6. Increase Reviews & Improve Ratings

Your app’s reviews and ratings have a big impact on its ranking. It affects both the algorithm and the potential users. More positive reviews and higher ratings will translate into more number of downloads. Almost every potential user will check what others have to say about an app before using it. Reviews and ratings are also taken into account by the app store algorithm to rank your app. There are many methods about how to get app reviews and ratings, including reviews exchange, incentivize users to leave, buy app reviews and ratings, etc.

7. Choose an Appropriate Categories

Put your app in right categories is a great method to increase app downloads. The users would install your app when they search some apps in relevant categories. Thus, you have to focus on the core function not on the other functions of your app before choosing categories. For example, the core function of your app is taking photos, and the secondary function is social contact. In this time, you should put your app in the category of Photos and Video not the social networking.

8. Localize App to Boost App Store Rankingapp store ranking - localize app

Localize your app can help you get more users all over the world and generate more app downloads. If the version of your app is just English, you will lose some very precious potential users from other countries. Also, localize app can add the coverage of keywords so that boost your app store ranking. During the process of localization, you have to care about the details of your app, such as keywords, description, icon, and reviews.

9. Run Apple Search Ads

The data shows that App Store search ads have a big benefit for app developers. The conversion rates increased a lot and the charge is cheaper than other platforms. There are some Tips to optimize app result on Apple Search Ads:

  • Bifurcate your target audience into various segments based on their gender and age
  • Analyze what your competitors are paying for a tap on their ads and accordingly define your maximum CPT bid
  • Design a full proof campaign strategy before moving ahead with Apple Search Ads
  • Select the best keywords and ad group

10. Update and Upgrade

Update your app in time can provide the best experience and functions for users and increase the retention rate. And the frequent update and upgrade show that you are trying to improve your app constantly. Indeed, you can find the problems and bugs of your app so that create a greater app for your mobile app users. Therefore, your app downloads and ranking will be increased accordingly.


The App Store optimization is a process that app developers should do persistently. These tips that mentioned above barely scratch the surface, and you can find more methods to optimize your app and improve your app store ranking. However, by using each of these tips, you will be better than 95% of the app developers out there.

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10 Tips for How To Improve App Store Ranking
This guide provides you 10 valuable tips on how to improve your app store ranking.
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