Why App Reviews And Ratings are Important for Your App Ranking?

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With the use of apps on the rise, it’s absolutely no wonder why you wanted to jump into this market. It’s super saturated and it’s definitely not going to get any better. There are over 2 million apps when you combine the Google and Apple App stores together. You definitely want to get your app as visible as possible. To achieve this goal, you have to learn about the affecting factor of app ranking. Follow this post to know how and why app reviews and ratings are vital for your app ranking.

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One of the most important aspects when it comes to your app has to be the reviews and ratings you receive from your app users. The more reviews and ratings you have for your app, the better chance you have to get discovered and downloaded.

It’s been reported that over half (about 70%) of people read a minimum of one review before they decide to download an app. Not only that, but over 10% of people will read over 5 reviews for a free app, more than 30% will read the same amount or more for a paid app.

This is the reason that why reviews are important for your app downloads as well as your overall ranking. Therefore, it’s true that the more good reviews and ratings you have, the more likely someone will consider downloading your app even leave a review themselves!

Why reviews and ratings are important?app reviews and ratings - importance of reviews and ratings

As you already know, your app ranking has a crucial role when it comes to being discovered, downloaded, purchased, etc. When it comes to the reviews and ratings, they play a part in the rank algorithm, helping you show up for relevant key terms. It was in 2013 that the importance of reviews and ratings were put on a pedestal, meaning that better ratings were more visible than those with bad reviews and ratings. With this shift in the algorithm, apps that had a rating of lower than 3 stars have much lower rankings than better rated and reviewed applications.

There is no definite way to determine what is taken into consideration for your app’s ranking, but there is a general guideline that you can follow. Here are some things that we are for sure when it comes to your ranking in both Google and Apple app stores:

  • The number of reviews and ratings your app has(Most Effective 15 Ways to Get App Reviews in 2017)
  • The quality of ratings and reviews
  • Number of downloads
  • The frequency of app usage
  • Number of uninstalls
  • The overall growth of your app
  • App landing page keyword density

How reviews and ratings affect your app ranking?

Reviews and ratings of your app are important, but how much do they really affect the app’s ranking?

If your average star rating goes from low to high, then your visibility goes up exponentially.  With great reviews, your app is going to be in great shape to rack up downloads and beating out the competition. As well, positive reviews and ratings for your app is surely an indication that your app is worthy of being downloaded.

While reviews are great for helping the first time viewers determine whether or not they would like to download your app, it’s also a great way to figure out what improvements you can make. Ratings let you know about what you can improve, what you’re doing right, and so on. With honest feedback about your app, there is the potential to re-assess your resources and make the changes you need.

How to get app reviews and ratings to boost app ranking?app reviews and ratings - boost app ranking

After knowing the importance of app reviews and ratings and how they affect your app ranking, how to get them is a new challenge for you. Normally, most app users would not like to leave their feedback unless they love or hate your app very much. Thus, to avoid the negative reviews and low ratings, you have to try your best to improve your app’s quality. Then you will get more app reviews and high ratings to boost your app ranking. There are more tips for you to generate positive reviews and high ratings:

  1. Create an amazing app to let users leave good feedback willingly
  2. Incentivize users to give your app positive reviews and high ratings
  3. Advertising in social media and forums
  4. Ask your friends and relatives’ help
  5. Write a blog or article about your app to attract audiences to install and review your app
  6. Put your app video on YouTube
  7. Exchange reviews and ratings with other app developers
  8. Buy app reviews and ratings from Reviewapp4u


Reviews are very important so there is a variety of feedback. One person might compliment certain things they like about your app while another person might have a suggestion. It’s important to stay up to date with your reviews, which you probably are, so you can help cater to your customer’s needs.

In Conclusion

Not every review on your app has to be outstandingly positive, just good reviews will be in your favor as well. Either way, your app reviews, and ratings are very important for your visibility and number of times your app is downloaded. By making an effort to communicate with your customers, there is no reason you couldn’t help build your reviews and ratings up to help get your app a higher rank.

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