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5 Powerful Strategies to Boost Your App Ranking in 2016

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For any app creator, whether it is an individual or a business, it is very important for their app to have downloads. This not only brings in revenue for the creator and gives them a certain amount of money per download (regardless of whether the app is available for download for free or for a certain amount of money) but also gives them popularity that comes with having popular apps. When an app becomes popular, people are more inclined towards downloading or buying other applications by that particular creator as well.

app ranking boost
app ranking boost

Every app developer looks forward to getting more hits on their apps and getting as many downloads as possible. This particular desire to boost app rankings is a whole strategy termed as app store optimization (or ASO). App store optimization involves complete strategies and methods to not only get increased rankings on apps, but reviews as well which helps in more downloads and a higher standing in the category ranking on the app or play store. There are a ton of ways you can improve your ASO and ranking. In fact, we’ll be going over a lot of methods that involve ASO. In order to get the best ranking on your app possible, you should follow the following strategies:

  1. It’s important that you make sure your description is optimized. A key method of boosting your ASO is keyword relevance that you should include in your description. This basically involves sensibly and strategically putting in the relevant and appropriate keywords in the description for your app. Due to this, whenever a person searches for something on the app/play store the relevant applications show up all because of the relevant keywords. It’s important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t over-do it either, as this can work against you. Getting high quality screen shots will also be a boost in your conversions, which will overall boost your ranking.
  2. The rate and review option for every application is available on the application page. Anyone can rank or review an app whenever they would like to. These ratings and reviews not only helps the app developers and owners, but this allows them to have better rankings. While giving an idea of what the application is all about to the people who are considering downloading a particular application, reviews are very powerful.
    A strategy that developers can utilize in terms of enticing users to review or rank their application is simply by asking them. This can subtly be done by asking for a ranking or review in the app description or by simply putting a pop up feature in the application. What this pop up feature does is serves as a reminder for the user and asks whether or not they would like to rank their app. If the user is not interested they can just close the pop up. But if they are, the pop up directs them to the page on the app/play store and they can simply and quickly rank or review the app.
  3. While it might not seem like a big deal, the icon you choose for your app is a big deal. First impression is a big deal and this is what your app icon is. Your icon should stand out as well as be memorable. Simplicity is also key. If your icon is too complicated or doesn’t stand out enough, then it will not be used or it will eventually be uninstalled. If your app is regularly uninstalled by your downloaders, this will ultimately harm your ranking.
  4. A very important tool is social proof. Considering how common social media use is now, advertising your application on any social media can do the trick of boosting it immensely. Interacting on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you can spread awareness about your app as well as even get others to share your app through their accounts. This is definitely something you want.
  5. One trick that must be kept in mind while creating any application is retention. What actually affects any applications popularity is not how many people download it, but how many people download it and keep it for thirty days. To ensure retention and get better ranking for your application and to boost it, the app must be created in a way that keeps the interest of the downloader and is completely relevant to the description. The application should be entertaining or useful enough that someone doesn’t question the value you are providing.

A great way to help improve your retention is to communicate with your app users and stay up to date with reviews. This way you’ll be able to see what the users suggest could be better. By making changes to cater to the users needs, you’ll end up creating loyal customers. People love to feel like they matter and they’ll use your app more if their thoughts are taken into consideration.

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